Our Story

Founder Story

I'm Elaine, Founder of Ladyflow, a luxury wellness brand that features all natural, plant based & science-backed solutions for feminine care.

More than 10 years ago, I began supporting women in impoverished communities with their feminine care needs, while struggling with my own. I realized the market is missing natural, effective, and affordable solutions for women to partner with their bodies and have better periods and vibrant sexual health.

I decided to create a purpose-driven brand focused on high-quality, consciously formulated products that inspire rituals of self care.

I'm so excited to now share with you Ladyflow —a women-centric wellness brand that encourages women to live a more mindful, sexy, and vibrant life.

What's my goal, then? To help you have the same.

Welcome to the crew lady, we're lucky to have you!

Ladyflow is purpose-driven & born out of empowerment...

"Globally, 2.3 billion people lack basic sanitation services." - Unicef

Unfortunately, women all over the wold struggle with their menstrual health & sanitation —I saw it first hand while working in Zambia and India.

That’s why a portion of our profits goes to helping women access basic feminine care.

It's our mission to make menstrual care more accessible for women. We partner with leading nonprofits organizations to mobilize action and take a critical step in supporting women in need.