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Feminine essentials for the creative feminine



empowering women to embrace their cyclical rhythms

LADYFLOW was created to join you with your menstrual cycle as the foundation to your creative potential.


cyclical self care

"Our bodies are powered by a rhythmic and cyclical wisdom that is the foundation to our creative potential. It's time we start embracing our feminine power."

-Elaine, Creator of LADYFLOW




#intheflow with ladyflow



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There’s nothing quite like a woman who
radiates in spirit and flesh.
The first step to your luminous living is to recalibrate your hormonal system. Lucky for you, we’ve created LADYFLOW essentials to help you with just that.

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LADYFLOW is an artisanal line of natural menstrual care products that empowers women to align with their cyclical rhythms. Designed by Toronto Nutritionist, our formulated teas, salt soaks, and pelvic oils will help soothe, balance, and regulate your menstrual cycle.

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If you’re ready to reclaim your feminine power, check out our line of feminine essentials. Once you fall in love with LADYFLOW, we have a subscription service that delivers right to your front door.


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