Interview with Ambassador Renee Campbell-Hylton

We're so excited to welcome Renee Campbell-Hylton to LADYFLOW! 

Renee graduated in food & nutrition management and has a passion for women’s health. She's joining LADYFLOW to help build brand awareness and grow our community across social media channels.

Get to know Renee Campbell-Hylton with us. 

1. Tell us about why you do what you do.

I graduated in Food and Nutrition Management in 2020 and I currently work as team lead and as an in-store nutritionist. I have always had a growing passion for nutrition and how the food we put into our bodies impacts our health and quality of life. I have recently decided to continue my education in digestive health and how to support and heal the gut. While continuing my education I am also on my own wellness and self-development journey. As I am navigating through this journey, I feel called to express and share my journey with others through content creation and visual storytelling. I’m currently working on creating my own personal brand on social media as well as working on a wellness blog. My goal for the near future is to have my own business as a nutrition and wellness coach and build an online community where women feel safe and inspired to connect with other like-minded women who are on their own self development and wellness journey.

What I currently do and my aspirations for the future are aligned with my purpose to inspire people with my own self growth journey and use my story and experiences to help elevate others. I want to be able to help people unlock the potential within themselves to be their best self.

I am thrilled to be an Ambassador for LADYFLOW and contribute to their digital marketing. LADYFLOW and their values as a company are aligned with my passion for wellness and growing interest for content creation

2. What is your source of motivation?

My source of motivation is practicing daily affirmations for what I want to achieve and become in my life. Words are very powerful, and I believe our thoughts create our reality, so I always try to think good things throughout my day and when facing certain situations. Additionally, my own achievements this far in my journey motivate me to continue moving towards my aspirations and goals.

3. Favourite book ever written and why?

My favourite book is the Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy. This book really made me reflect on how much power my thoughts and words have on my reality. Not only do I love how well written this book is but throughout the book he shares inspirational stories and techniques that can be applied to your own life. This book provides insight on how to rewire the thoughts of your subconscious mind and reclaim your power over certain circumstances in life.

4. What has had the most positive influence on your life?

Dance has had the most positive influence in my life. Dance has been a part of my life since I was 6 years old, and it has taught many things throughout the years. Dance has taught me the importance of community, discipline, sacrifice and hard work. Dancing competitively, I’ve learned the importance of stepping out of your comfort zone and facing your fears to grow and master your craft. The art of dance has taught me the importance of creative outlets in life and how they can be beneficial when facing challenges and hardships or when you need

5. Tell us about an experience that has shaped who you are today?

During the pandemic I started my own chocolate covered strawberry business. Two years ago, for a friend’s birthday I wanted to gift her something unique and special, so I made her a chocolate covered strawberry arrangement. She loved it and had never seen anything like it before.

I had zero intentions of turning this into a business, but I received so much support from my friends and family to start one. In July 2020, I created an Instagram account and launched my own chocolate covered strawberry arrangement business and experienced so much support and success. This experience made me open to the idea of entrepreneurship and was the first
time in a while since I had stepped out of my comfort zone. One major takeaway from this experience was to always bet on myself and not let fear of failure stop me from taking chances. I remind myself to take chances on the things that excite me, even if I may not feel ready, or possess enough skills to succeed.

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