Womxn's Bodies Womxn's Wisdom: Interview with Anna Julia

Anna Julia
Meditation Coach and Reiki Healer


1. Tell us about yourself & why you do what you do. 
I'm a meditation and Reiki healer by soul, and corporate America by society. I work in corporate because that is what I was brought up to do; however, my soul knew differently. I hold mediations and Reiki sessions because it truly is my souls calling. I want to help others experience joy, love, and support no matter what stage they are at. We are all deserving of support, guidance and love and should be accessible to all in many different ways. I want to help people not feel alone, and I am honoured when they reach out to me and allow me to be their guide through difficult times.

2. What is your source of motivation?
Creating space motivates me. I found having a to do list, and always saying I am busy is such a North American thing. Spending all summers in Europe as a child, and teen taught me to see life as being full. Not busy. Being grateful for having a full life and opportunities to do many different things. Creating space motivates me because I take time off to just be and be open to do whatever feels right in that moment. It takes a lot of pressure of always thinking about an endless checklist. Yes, there are things we HAVE to do - but see them as opportunities, and things you get to do instead of obligations.

3. Favourite book ever written and why?
"Maybe You Should Talk to Someone" by Lori Gottlieb.
It's such a magical book. It left me crying, laughing, and healing all at the same time. It is based on true stories of a therapists appointments with many different people, and at the same time her therapy sessions with a therapist. They are stories about negative experiences people endured and how when they found someone they trust to open up to their lives changed for the better. I love the rawness in creating supportive relationships and seeking help to heal.

4. What (or whom) has had the most positive influence on your life?
My spiritual breakdown or if you want to call it a mental breakdown, so be it.
I hit a point in my early 20's where it seems like every area hit the fan. I literally had the chance, and kind of no choice but to start over. It felt like a second chance to create a life I wanted. Therapy was one of the best things I have ever done, and continue to do. There is something magical about opening up to a stranger and pouring it all out and feeling through all the pain and trauma together. It allowed me to heal so many areas of my life I didn't know needed healing. The most important part was it gave me the courage and strength to open up to my mom about how I feel. I am so grateful that I had a chance to apologize and tell her how I felt months before she passed away.

5. Tell us about an experience that has shaped who you are today?
Losing my mom changed everything for me. My therapist told me that, "when we lose someone we love, we actually find a part of ourselves." That was the biggest wake up call of my life knowing that life truly is too short and we should follow our hearts. My mom, a cancer patient, was the bravest person I have ever met, and I believe the second bravest thing we can ever do is to be who we are and take chances to heal and live our lives the way we want. She made me realize that I want to take the risk and open my own business and help others find their soul path.

6. Talk to us about body image. What advice do you have for anyone struggling with body image? 
I’ve had people comment on my weight as early as being 12 years old. It’s really odd to look back and imagine adults making comments about a child. My whole life my body and weight fluctuated. When my body was larger – I received negative comments. All the time. When I lost weight – my body was praised with compliments and gifts. Everyone wanted to buy me outfits. It’s so weird to look back and think about the times I lost weight and people applauded me. I gained weight when I was happier. When my mood and anxiety were healing. When my anxiety came back – I lost weight. That is when people would comment about how good I look.

I am now at my biggest – and I am the happiest I have ever been. I have the life I wanted and manifested, healthy relationships with others, and myself. I have worked on myself and healed past traumas, found my hobbies and interests. I mean, life is good. It’s so weird to think of how people assumed I was happy because I was in a smaller body, and assume I am unhappy with a bigger body. When the truth is I was skinny because I wasn’t eating due to anxiety and depression.

I still struggle with my body image. I gained weight due to covid and I'm now navigating this new body, and how she looks and moves. Somedays it's really hard because I do miss being smaller. But it wasn’t being smaller I miss – it was the way my body moved. I am still getting used to her. Though I know that the people, hobbies, lifestyle, relationships, goals I have in my life and manifesting have nothing to do with what my body looks. And that is freeing

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