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Healthy periods AREN'T painful!

Despite mainstream belief, period pain is not the norm. It's not inevitable and it doesn't have to be your status quo. 

Far too often women are popping pain killers and homebound until their period pain passes. Are you one of them? 

You don’t have to put up with your period pain anymore. And the good news is that there are natural alternatives that work! 

Soothe Pelvic Oil

3 reasons why you need this daily ritual 


 Did you know long term use of painkillers can worsen your period problems by stressing your liver. Soothe pelvic oil is formulated with essential oils that support pain relief
— and without any
liver-stressing chemicals! 


Just like tension in your body requires proper blood flow, your pelvic area needs proper blood circulation. 
Soothe pelvic oil improves blood flow to the uterus & ovaries. 


Research shows that the higher the level of our perceived stress, the worse our period pain—and that stress reduction techniques can help ease period pain. Soothe pelvic oil is designed to be a daily stress reduction technique. 

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