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LADYFLOW is a Toronto-based, artisanal line of natural menstrual care products that empower women to align with their menstrual rhythms.

LADYFLOW was founded by Certified Nutritionist, Elaine Clark, on the premise that a woman’s menstrual cycle is the key to her creative potential. What began as a personal healing journey and creative project in Elaine’s home evolved into the creation of a complete line of natural formulations designed to support menstrual health.

LADYFLOW offers high quality, organic, and handcrafted products ranging from teas, bath salts, and body oils to support women’s menstrual health and to encourage women to sync with their cycle 


About the Founder


“After more than a decade of painful and inconsistent periods I finally realized there was a better way to live.
Now, 10 years years later, I am creating and designing meaningful products that help women partner with their bodies and attune to their cyclical health. LADYFLOW products are handcrafted for the modern and fearless woman looking to leverage her health as the foundation to her creative potential.”